What our employees say

Can you tell us how you came to join Atlas Technologies?

Thankfully, I joined the company after being headhunted directly by the CEO, Koji Yamamoto. I had sat in on a meeting with Yamamoto once at my previous job, and he seemed to have remembered me from that one meeting. When I was first invited to join Atlas Technologies a few years later, I was facing a mountain of work at that moment and didn't consider it too seriously. One day, however, I thought about my future and had another chat with Koji. After talking to him again, I became more interested in working for Atlas.

I was drawn to consulting in the fintech sector because, although I had never been involved in consulting in a full-scale capacity before, I had 14 years of experience in the fintech sector at several companies, and I thought I could make use of that knowledge and offer something of value in my own way.

Besides being able to use your experience, were there any other unique deciding factors?

One of the most attractive aspects in the talks I had with Koji was that I would also be entrusted with the organisation and management of the consulting team to the maximum extent possible. This was something I had wanted to challenge myself with for some time. At foreign companies, there are many people in high positions, but I have the impression that they do not have much authority over the actual business. In that respect, it was appealing to be able to be a driving force in the company with a lot of independence. It had been a while since I had joined a domestic company, but I felt that I wanted to challenge myself here.

In fact, I think I am in a position that meets my expectations. Five months after I joined the company, I became a partner in the Digital Solutions division. But even before that, I was involved in the company's foundations in a position similar to that of the Managing Director's office. During that time, I was also in charge of my own projects while leading the members of the consulting team. I am proud to say that we were the first to achieve our annual internal targets.

As the leader of the Digital Solutions Division, what is important to you?

Ultimately, people are the most important asset in consulting. In both strategic planning and implementation support, it is the knowledge and personality of the consultant that supports the client. How they make the most of their experience and how they deal with individual clients - these qualities of a consultant are important. For this reason, we accept not only experienced consultants but also inexperienced ones, and we are gradually nurturing talented personnel.

Even so, consultants cannot immediately say, for example, "Then you should immediately take charge of this case on your own". In particular, inexperienced staff are carefully trained over a period of six months to a year. In this process, senior members of the team follow them closely. As a partner, I also do my best to create an organisation in which the training personnel can play an active role.。

Who are the current members of your team?

In a nutshell, many of them are straightforward people who can thoughtfully reflect on what is going on around them.

We are a group of experts in the Fintech and payments sectors - we have gone public in 2022 and need to support our clients to exceed their expectations even more than before. We are a group of people with a wealth of industry experience and capabilities, but few of our projects can be carried out alone. As mentioned earlier, there is of course a culture of senior staff supporting newcomers. Not only that, but each individual brings their own experience and knowledge to the table, and the whole team works together to achieve our goals ...... I have the impression that our company is made up of people who are well aware of such team play.

In addition, our staff are also diligent. They keep up to date on the market situation, as well as the industries, businesses and challenges of the clients we support. It is necessary to have the ambition to keep up with these things on a daily basis, and in fact I see this in all our staff.

What are the benefits of working at Atlas Technologies?

This overlaps with the story that was a deciding factor in my joining the company, but I think you can still feel the abundance of opportunities to take on challenges. Of course, being able to work with a variety of clients as a consultant is one of them. But we also have a support system in place to help you realise your ideas if you raise your hand and say, "I want to start something like this". Even if it is a fairly large scale challenge that will take a certain number of years to implement, we will carefully discuss it with the person who made the proposal. I would say that there is a high degree of openness and an atmosphere of safety for members to express their opinions. Nevertheless, communication is an eternal challenge, so to speak. We will continue to create an environment that makes it as easy as possible for our members to work.

I am personally also in a position within the company to make the final decision on recruitment. I look forward to meeting people who can work with me to boost an organisation that is still in the growth stage.

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