Comprehensive support from market research to strategy formulation and business transformation

In the insurance industry, facing unprecedented volatility and uncertainty due to factors such as population decline, aging, the advancement of digital technology, the emergence of new risks, intensifying competition, and regulatory relaxation, challenges such as securing revenue, nurturing talent, and refreshing legacy systems have arisen.

As a partner in supporting challenges towards the future, such as building new business models utilizing digital technology, developing products and services to address an aging society, and strengthening international competitiveness, our company achieves, for our clients, sustainable growth by providing optimal solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, including market analysis, digitalization, and talent development.


  • Strategy Development

    When considering the future direction of business, such as strengthening overseas business and fundamentally reforming domestic sales structures, experienced consultants will support the formulation and execution of strategies tailored to the challenges of various business developments, in response to the market environment and competitive conditions they face.

  • New Business Development Strategy

    We specialize in various new business developments such as expanding overseas business or developing new products for market entry, providing support for concept creation, business model/business case formulation, roadmap development, and more, leveraging their expertise and insights.

  • Business Processes

    Through reengineering of business processes (underwriting, new business, maintenance, and payment), we support the establishment of optimal business processes and optimization of personnel with the aim of improving operational efficiency.

  • Business Restructuring

    We support our clients in identifying problems in their current business processes from a third-party perspective, including contract management and agency management operations, manual-based business processes, inefficient processes due to manual data entry, and RPA, and in establishing the most appropriate processes.

  • Agency Business Support

    We provide comprehensive support from opening an insurance agency business through operation, including consideration and procedures for opening an agency, market research, training, and support for system development.

  • PMO

    The implementation of life insurance / non-life insurance / and short-term insurance core systems and various peripheral systems requires smooth project management based on experience. Our experienced consultants support the smooth operation of the project management office.

  • Implementation Support

    We assist in defining requirements, systemization planning, external design, development planning, design review, test planning, and test implementation for life insurance, non-life insurance, and short-term insurance core systems and peripheral systems.

  • Regulatory Support

    A reliable management system is required for increasingly complex regulations. We support the establishment and operation of sophisticated management systems and structures by building an ecosystem from the aspects of systems and operations.

  • Security

    Our industry-leading engineers support the latest security measures such as malware countermeasures, ransomware countermeasures, and Attack Surface Management to protect client systems and supply chain from various cyber risks such as increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and information leaks caused by internal fraud.

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