Supporting partner for the launch of all financial services, from strategy to system development.

The payment industry landscape is expanding due to the growing use of non-cash payment methods in areas where such methods have never been used before and the penetration of cashless payment methods in all aspects of daily consumption. On the other hand, the increase in the number of companies entering the market has intensified competition and increased customer acquisition costs, making it necessary to secure profitability by improving cost efficiency.

Our experienced consultants provide total support from market research, strategy development and business reform, system selection, project planning, to project execution support and project management for system implementation and operations.


  • Market Research

    Our experienced consultants in the payment area work with the client to research market size, market trends, client needs, and make recommendations on future prospects and key points for business development.

  • Strategy Development

    We help clients develop and implement strategies to address the market and competitive conditions they face and to capitalize on their long-term business growth and competitive advantage.

  • Support for New Market Entry and Overseas Companies

    Our experienced consultants in the payments area work with the client by conducting research on the market size, customer needs, and related laws and regulations, and provide guidance in the formulation and implementation of a business model and business case for entry into the Japanese market.

  • Business Restructuring

    Our team, consisting mainly of consultants with experience in the payment area and business process reorganization, will identify problems in the client's current business processes from a third-party perspective and help the client build optimal processes.

  • PMO

    The implementation of a credit card core system and various peripheral systems requires smooth project management based on experience. We support clients with comprehensive solutions that include the operation of a project management office.

  • Implementation Support

    We assist clients in defining requirements, systemization planning, external design, development planning, design review, test planning, and test implementation for the card core system and peripheral systems of issuing and acquiring businesses.

  • External Connection

    We support connection coordination, definition of connection requirements, formulation of test plans, and implementation of tests with various external connection parties (international card brands, designated credit information agencies, printing companies/card issuers, financial institutions, etc.) required for the card business.

  • Field Testing

    When issuing a new payment card, it is necessary to pre-verify with relevant parties that card usage with the newly issued BIN is acceptable at major merchants. We support the development of a field/acceptance verification plan and implementation of the verification.

  • International Brands

    We support coordination with international card brands, project management, compliance with various brand regulations, and consideration and coordination of periodic enhancement/release support.


    The various preparatory tasks required for PCI DSS compliance and version upgrades require a lot of effort, coordination with related parties, and document preparation. We support coordination with related parties and preparation of various documents required for audits.

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