Execution Support and PMO Operations

Execution Support:

We provide execution support tailored to the client's situation, processes, and requirements. Our team of consultants, possessing the necessary skills and experience, ensures high-quality and timely project progress. With a track record of contributing to numerous successes as partners with our clients, our team of consultants collaborate with clients to achieve results.

PMO Operations:

We create an environment where project managers can perform at their best and offer "Project Management Office (PMO)" services that understand the on-site dynamics. In an era where project management is increasingly challenging due to system complexity and multi-vendor environments, consultants who understand system and business specifications address diverse on-site needs. We support project managers to focus on speedy and sound decision-making, contributing to even more robust project advancement.

Key Features

Reasons to Choose Atlas:

  • 01Close Collaboration with Clients:

    We prioritize communication with clients, accurately grasping their needs to provide optimal support. By working together towards problem-solving, we build trust and contribute as long-term partners.

  • 02Solid Results Based on Achievements:

    We have a proven track record of successfully leading numerous projects to success. We are committed to delivering quantifiable results, thereby enhancing client satisfaction.

  • 03Abundant Experience and Expertise in PMO Operations:

    Consultants with extensive experience in business and technology have successfully led projects across various industries and sectors. Leveraging the latest industry insights and expertise, we propose optimal solutions.


Capability Examples:

  • Execution support/PMO operations in various domains during the initiation of new businesses

  • Execution support tasks associated with launching acquiring and issuing businesses

  • Execution support tasks related to PCI DSS compliance/continuity

  • Migration (transition to the latest environment/ToBe model design)

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