Requirement Definition and Vendor Selection Support

Requirement Definition:

We define the tasks required for each business in the Fintech domain (such as payments, banking, securities, insurance, etc.). We conduct the requirements definition by visualizing the flow for the current survey and new requirements, such as merchantability, arrangements for necessary functions, and methods of building functions, and by documenting the business and systems to clarify them.

Vendor Selection Support:

Through Request for Information (RFI) to Systems Integrators (SIers) and vendors, we gather information and create Request for Proposal (RFP) documents for proposals. Based on the proposals received and the details provided, we evaluate the fulfillment of each item in the RFP and the alignment with our internally defined requirements. We then quantify the weighting of the necessary criteria, facilitating the selection of candidates for system development outsourcing.

Key Features

Reasons to Choose Atlas:

  • 01Experienced Consultants, including Industry Experts:

    Our consultants, many of whom have industry backgrounds, continually incorporate the latest requirements and industry specifications into their work, enabling the advancement of projects with up-to-date requirements.

  • 02Neutral Position Towards SIers and Vendors:

    We maintain a neutral stance, independent of specific SIers or vendors, enabling impartial selection of candidates for product, solution, and system development outsourcing.

  • 03Up-to-date Product Features and Security Trends:

    We define requirements and select vendors based on the latest digitized merchantability and security trends.


Capability Examples:

  • System selection for launching acquiring and issuing businesses

  • Selection and requirement definition of accounting, core, and information systems, as well as architecture design

  • Construction of market risk and credit risk assessment models

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