Our leadership team

  • Toyoaki Ishikawa

    Chief Operating Officer / Partner

  • Yasuhiro Maeda

    Executive Officer / Partner

  • Zennon Kapron

    Founder & Director

  • Gyoshu Hiramatsu

    Executive Officer / Partner

  • Yuji Ogura

    Executive Officer / Partner

  • Keisuke Fujimaki

    Senior Director

  • Shinya Tokuda

    Senior Director

  • Kimitsugu Gozu


  • Satoshi Igosaki


  • Toyoaki previously held positions at a major bank and a foreign consulting firm before assuming his current position as Chief Operating Officer. He has led the establishment of a risk management department at a bank and the start-up of several foreign consulting firms in Japan. His experience includes a large number of projects ranging from strategy to IT, such as alliance and management integration of financial institutions, business process restructuring, and business system restructuring and implementation.

  • Prior to his current position at Atlas Technologies, Yasuhiro worked for an international payment brand and a virtual currency exchange. As the Head of Debit Card Product, he was involved in new program launches in the Japanese market, domestic infrastructure development, marketing, market research, and processing, as well as leading strategy development and execution. After moving to another international brand, he launched the first debit card in the Japanese market and served as Vice President of Product Management and Vice President of Sales.

  • Before founding Kapronasia, Zennon served as CIO of Citi Group Portugal, as well as Asia Pacific Financial Industry Manager and Global Banking Industry Manager for Intel. He is frequently invited to speak at financial conferences such as Money20/20, and has been quoted in major financial media (CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ, FT, and many more). He is the author of "Chomping at the Bitcoin: The History and Future of Bitcoin in China"

  • Gyoshu has a wide range of experience from system implementation to IT consulting at a major domestic SIer. After a two-year secondment to the Financial Services Agency's (FSA) supervisory bureau, he transitioned to the consulting industry. He has been involved in many technology consulting projects mainly for financial institutions, and is especially focused on business and systems consulting and implementation, such as regulatory compliance and strengthening credit risk management systems. Recently he has been focusing on AI model development with its base technology and data governance area.

  • After working for a financial services company, an SIer, and a settlement services company, Yuji assumed his current role. For 25 years, he has been engaged in project management of various development projects, including development of new card business, Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay acquiring business, international brand support, business planning of credit business, and compliance with finance-related regulations.

  • Keisuke has prior experience at a banking credit card company and an international consulting firm. At Atlas Technologies, he is in charge of upstream and midstream projects for credit card companies and banks, and has PM experience in marketing strategies and various business reforms. He has also been involved in mid-term business plan development support, new product and service development support, cashless business entry plan development support, and various business reform support.

  • After working for a major financial services company, an online life insurance company, and a settlement-related business company, Shinya assumed his current position. As a planning/development/operation supervisor for card issuing/merchant management systems, he is engaged in various activities from requirement definition to operation. He also has experience as a system and testing PM for the launch of a card issuing/merchant management business, as well as an architect for the renewal of an account system.

  • Kimitsugu joined Atlas Technologies after having worked for a major system development company. He has in-depth knowledge of enhancement, brand coordination, EMV, 3D Secure, requirement definition, specification coordination, FEP authorization, and other knowledge related to international payment brands. He also has extensive PMO experience in brand license acquisition and experience in card issuance and merchant management business start-up.

  • Satoshi joined Atlas Technologies after working for a major SIer. He has a range of experience in planning, development, requirement definition, and operation of financial institutions (securities, life insurance, non-banks, etc.) and credit card system development. He also has a wide range of experience from operational to non-functional aspects (performance, operation, failure, security), external connectivity, PMO area, etc., and has extensive management experience in large-scale system development.

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