Banking and Capital Markets

Comprehensive support for digital transformation of banking and securities operations with advanced expertise in finance.

The environment surrounding the global financial industry continues to undergo significant changes, including the expansion of cryptocurrencies and emerging markets. Japan's financial sector is also entering an era of unprecedented transformation, and it is anticipated that continuing to maintain its current position will become difficult without responding effectively to this change.

Atlas Technologies, leveraging the latest digital technologies, is committed to addressing various challenges faced by financial institutions and securities firms, including strategies, processes, organizational structures, talent, governance, and data security, through practical transformation and enhancement. We work alongside experienced consultants to commit to furthering the development of our clients' businesses.


  • Strategy Development

    In determining the future direction of the client'sbusiness, such as strengthening overseas operations or restructuring the domestic sales structure, our experienced consultants will assist in the formulation and implementation of strategies for various business development issues in response to the market environment and competitive conditions faced by the client.

  • Business and Strategy Development

    Our consultants are experienced in a variety of business development projects, including developing overseas businesses and entering the domestic private banking market and utilize their knowledge and expertise to assist with concept creation, business model and business case formulation, roadmap development, and more.

  • System Design

    Regardless of whether it is an account or information system, we support the definition of requirements, implementation and migration of a robust system that incorporates the latest architectural design and advanced technology.

  • Implementation Support

    We provide support for each step in the phased approach from requirement definition to implementation and testing, as well as for various systemization needs such as rapid system construction through agile development, new implementation of microservice architecture, and no-code/low-code development.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    A reliable management system is required for increasingly complex regulations. We support the establishment and operation of advanced management systems and structures by building an ecosystem from the aspects of systems and operations.

  • Security

    To address the various cyber risks to your systems and supply chain, such as increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and information leaks due to internal fraud, our industry-leading engineers provide support for the latest security measures, including malware countermeasures, ransomware countermeasures, and Attack Surface Management.

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