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  • Yasuhiro Maeda

    Yasuhiro is a Partner and Operating Officer at Atlas Technologies. He brings a wealth of knowledge from some of the world's leading fintechs. Learn about his journey to joining Atlas, and his thoughts on the personnel that make up the Digital Solution divison.

  • Haruka Furusawa

    Haruka is a Manager in the Digital Solutions Division.
    She previously worked for a Japanese recruitment agency in Indonesia. When she was considering returning to Japan, she met the company's CEO, Koji Yamamoto, and joined Atlas Technologies in February 2021.

  • Takanori Toda

    Takanori joined Atlas with experience in the payment business of a major carrier group. At his previous position, he was in charge of prepaid card issuing and other operations. He joined Atlas Technologies in January 2021 after being approached by an Atlas Technologies colleague who had been a senior staff of his previous employer.

  • Yasuhiro Maeda

    Executive Officer and Partner,
    Digital Solution Division

    Can you tell us how you came to join Atlas Technologies?

    Thankfully, I joined the company after being headhunted directly by the CEO, Koji Yamamoto. I had sat in on a meeting with Yamamoto once at my previous job, and he seemed to have remembered me from that one meeting. When I was first invited to join Atlas Technologies a few years later, I was facing a mountain of work at that moment and didn't consider the offer too seriously. One day, however, I thought about my future and had another chat with Koji. After talking to him again, I became more interested in working for Atlas.

    I was drawn to consulting in the fintech sector because, although I had never been involved in consulting in a full-scale capacity before, I had 14 years of experience in the fintech sector at several companies, and I thought I could make use of that knowledge and offer something of value in my own way.

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  • I was originally interested in helping to build up an organisation with others, rather than joining a company that had a structure and network in place. So I interviewed with the company and decided to join. The CEO, Koji Yamamoto, had an illustrious career, but he has a friendly and easy-going personality. I remember feeling that I could work well with him.

    Currently, I am in charge of consulting for a banking credit card company. I provide advice in the protection of transaction information, among other things. I admire the senior staff member who leads this project. He is a person who has a lot of projects, but he has a thorough grasp of the content and progress of each project. We exchange opinions in meetings. When I think of the efforts he makes in places I can't see, it makes me feel that I have to be on top of my game too. I want to be a reliable member of the team who can take the lead on projects as soon as possible. With that in mind, I give it my all to my day-to-day work.

    Haruka Furusawa

    Manager, Digital Solution Division

  • At my previous workplace, I had little autonomy and started to feel a bit stuck in a rut when I was becoming accustomed to my position. It was then that I received an invitation to join Atlas Technologies. I was excited to hear that I could be involved in a wide range of payment related projects. Plus, at the time, Atlas was about to launch a major project and I thought, "I want to keep growing", so I jumped at the chance.

    In fact, since joining Atlas Technologies, I have been able to take on challenges in areas I had never experienced before. For example, with one of our clients, I was able to work not only on payment-related projects, but also on smart keys.

    Currently, I handle several consultancy projects for credit card companies. I also manage a team at the same time. I started as an inexperienced consultant, but as I gained experience, I was entrusted with greater responsibility. I think this is an environment where the more you challenge yourself, the more rewarding it becomes.

    Takanori Toda

    Manager, Digital Solution Division

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